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Resource/Educational Links and Search Engines

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AskJeeves for Kids Logo-Links to the AskJeeves Website

Ask Jeeves is a unique service where you enter

a question, and Ask Jeeves tries to point you to

the right web page that provides an answer.

At Ask Jeeves For Kids,answers have been vetted

for appropriateness.


KidsClick Logo-links to the KidsClick Website

A database of over 6400 sites compiled by librarians logo-links to website

Reference provider Information Please produces this

site which provides facts and information oriented around

the needs of children.


Surfing the Net with Kids Logo-Links to the website

Archived suggestions from Barbara Feldman's

syndicated column. Ask Jeeves for Kids -First searches a

database of selected sites arranged as questions; then

conducts a parallel search of encyclopedias, Yahooligans

and Education World. ThinkQuest Library-Over 5000

student-created Web sites.


Awesome Library logo-Links to the Awesome Library Website

Over 12,000 sites have been classified into a

directory, specifically organized for teachers, students and

parents. Information can be found by browsing or searching.