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Folder Science - Life (9 Files)
Download How Plants Get Their Food
Download Investigating Inherited Traits
Download Mars Dust Storm Article
Download Photosynthesis
Download Photosynthesis (one slide)
Download Photosynthesis - Life`s Basic Rx
Download Plant Physiology
Download Symbiosis Overview
Download Wild Dolphins - Human Impact on the Environment
Folder TCAP (2 Files)
Download 4th Grade Sampler
Download 5th Grade TCAP Item Sampler.pdf
Folder Science - Earth/Space (1 Files)
Download 0507.8.1 Geography & Climate
Folder Math (51 Files)
Download 0406.2.4 Divisibility Rules
Download 0406.2.9 Adding & Subtracting Decimals (ppt)
Download 0406.4.9 Area/Perimeter
Download 0506.1.1 Covered Word Vocabulary
Download 0506.1.1 Jeopardy
Download 0506.1.1 Triangle Academic Vocabulary
Download 0506.1.2 Estimating with Decimals
Download 0506.1.2 Shopping (SN)
Download 0506.1.4 Missing Info and/or too Much Info
Download 0506.1.5 Problem Solving Activity
Download 0506.2.4 Proper Fractions Add/Subtract (SN)
Download 0506.2.5 Decimals Add/Subtract (SN)
Download 0506.2.7 Multiplying Decimals (ppt)
Download 0506.2.9 Comparing/Ordering Decimals (ppt)
Download 0506.2.9 Comparing/Ordering Decimals 2 (ppt)
Download 0506.3.1 Order of Operation
Download 0506.4.5 Intro to the Coordinate Plane
Download 0506.5.1 & 5.2 Smart Notebook Graphs
Download 0506.5.1 Analyzing Line Graphs Activity
Download 0506.5.1 Decimal/%/Fraction Conversions Template
Download 0506.5.3 Central Tendencies (Reading for Meaning)
Download 1.2 Estimation
Download 2.1 Reading & Writing Decimals
Download 4.6 Fractions & Decimals
Download 4th Grade 20 Questions Powerpoint
Download Adding & Subtracting Decimals (ppt)
Download Capture the Penguins (Ordered Pairs)
Download Circle Graph Template
Download Cone Net
Download Cube Net
Download Gridlock (Ordered Pairs)
Download Math 1.1 The Princess Tiger
Download Math 4th Grade HM Correlation
Download Math 5th Grade HM Correlation
Download Math 5th Grade Standards
Download Measurement Conversion Table
Download Multiplying Decimals by Multiples of 10, 100, & 1000 (ppt)
Download Night Crawlers 3.2
Download Number Line - Fractiona/Decimals
Download Order of Operations (ppt)
Download Reading & Writing Decimals
Download Reading & Writing Decimals (ppt)
Download Rectangular Prism Net
Download Smarter than TCAP Math
Download square pyramid net
Download Time to Walk Activity (3.3)
Download Triangular Prism Net
Download Triangular Pyramid Net
Download Understanding Whole Numbers
Download Understanding Whole Numbers (ppt)
Folder Language Arts (11 Files)
Download 0501.8.5 Authors_Purpose & Point of View.ppt
Download 0506.5.3 Jeopardy
Download Author`s Purpose
Download Cause & Effect Diagram
Download Drawing Inferences (Teachers)
Download Introduction to Sequencing (Smart Notebook)
Download L. Arts 5th Grade Correlation
Download Reading Small Group Activities
Download Reviewing Sequencing
Download Synonyms & Antonyms
Download What Happened? Summarizing & Sequencing
Folder Writing (14 Files)
Download Rubric - 5th
Download 5th Writing Framework
Download 5th Writing Cover Sheet
Download Rubric - 4th
Download 4th Writing Framework
Download 4th Writing Cover Sheet
Download 6-Trait Ideas Poster
Download 6-Trait Organization Poster
Download 6-Trait Conventions Poster
Download 6-Trait Fluency Poster
Download 6-Trait Voice Poster
Download 6-Trait Posters
Download 6-Traits Related Posters
Download Kid Friendly Rubric
Folder Social Studies (4 Files)
Download Marble Springs (John Sevier`s Home - 4.5.09
Download S.S. 4th Grade HM Correlation
Download S.S. 5th Grade HM Correlation
Download The Civil War
Folder Science (17 Files)
Download 0407 Inq. 1 Investigating Evidence.pdf
Download 0407.Inq 1 Investigating Evidence.pdf
Download 0407.Inq.1 Inquiry Guide for Teachers (Cornell)
Download 0507.11.1/11.3 Cotton Ball Catapult
Download 0507.11.1/11.3 Force & Motion Lab
Download 0507.11.1/11.3 Force Fun Partner Activity
Download 0507.11.1/11.3 Force/Motion/Races
Download 0507.11.1/11.3 Mass/Force/Distance Partner Activity
Download 0507.11.1/11.3 Motion Worksheet
Download 0507.12.1 Create a Compass
Download 0507.12.1 Science Lab Magnetic Poles
Download 0507.12.1 The Untouchables
Download 0507.9.2 States of Matter Activity
Download Science 5th Grade HM Correlation
Download Science 5th Grade Standards
Download Signs of Fall
Download Science 4th Grade HM Correlation