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Skills USA

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Trade and Industrial Education helps prepare students for an increasingly demanding high skilled workplace in the U.S.

To meet the needs of the technologically changing workplace, the curriculum has been aligned with industry standards and teachers are often offered professional development opportunities to upgrade their skills to the levels required for instruction according to industry standards.

The program combines theory with application to develop technical skills, occupational judgments, and workplace ethics. The courses are closely aligned with those of postsecondary institutions in Tennessee, allowing students to make easier transitions to those state schools.

Quality educational experiences promote teamwork, leadership, high work standards, and help develop a value for life-long learning. SkillsUSA complements the educational program, providing students with increased opportunities to develop these skills.

Hamblen County has 9 Trade and Industry teachers that offer a variety of programs of study.


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  Whether you have an interest in...

Electrical work
Metal Working
3D Printing
Design and industry education can help prepare you for an exciting career!