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Employment Applications/Personnel Related Documents

Note:  These document(s) have been provided in PDF format.
A PDF reader is required to view the document(s).  If you do not currently have a PDF reader installed on your computer, you may download a free reader at the website below.
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If for any reason you are unable to view the provided document(s), please contact (423)586-7700 ext. 3763 and an alternative method of sharing this information will be determined.

Access the Tennessee Department of Education's Teacher Licensing Forms. 

Folder 403b Salary Reduction Agreement Form (1 Files)
pdf file 403b Enrollment/Change Form
Folder Edison Self Service (3 Files)
pdf file Edison Welcome Packet and Instructions
pdf file Ins Qualifying Event Instructions
pdf file Insurance Enrollment Form
Folder Employee Benefit Package Overview (1 Files)
pdf file Employee Benefits 2017-18
Folder Employee Handbook 2016-2017 (1 Files)
pdf file Employee Handbook 2016-17
Folder Employee Change of Address Form (1 Files)
pdf file Employee info change form
Folder FMLA (3 Files)
pdf file Your Rights Under FMLA
pdf file FMLA for Employee
pdf file FMLA Family Member
Folder Leave of Absence Form (1 Files)
pdf file Request for Leave of Absence
Folder Medical Exam/Physical & TB Test Form (1 Files)
pdf file Medical/TB Test Form
Folder Tennessee Teacher Code of Ethics (1 Files)
pdf file Teacher Code of Ethics
Folder Worker's Compensation - Employee Accident Form (1 Files)
pdf file accident employee .pdf
Folder American Fidelity Insurance Forms (5 Files)
pdf file American Fidelity Cancer Diagnostic Testing Benefit Form
pdf file American Fidelity Disability Claim Form
pdf file American fidelity Pregnancy Disability Claim Form
pdf file Cancer/Intensive Care/Dread Disease Benefit Form
pdf file Disability Physician Expense Form
Folder Automatic Payroll Deposit (1 Files)
pdf file Payroll Automatic Deposit
Folder Background Check (1 Files)
pdf file Employment Background Check
Folder Drug Free Workplace Policy (1 Files)
pdf file Drug Free Workplace Policy
Folder Leave Without Pay Health Insurance Forms (3 Files)
pdf file Leave of Absence Continue Insurance Form
pdf file Leave of Absence FMLA Insurance Form
pdf file Leave of Absence Suspend Insurance Form
Folder Medical/Dental Insurance Enrollment Forms (4 Files)
pdf file Delta Dental Change Form
doc file Delta Dental Enrollment Form
pdf file Insurance Cancel Request Form
pdf file Medical/Dental/Vision Enrollment Change Form
Folder Resignation (1 Files)
pdf file Resignation Form
Folder Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System Forms (9 Files)
pdf file HCDOE Retire/Resign Form
pdf file TCRS change of address form
pdf file TCRS change of beneficiary
pdf file TCRS Disability Retirement Form
pdf file TCRS Medical Release Statement
pdf file TCRS Physician Statement for Disability
pdf file TCRS Retirement Application Form
pdf file TCRS Temporary Employment Report
pdf file TCRS Vocational History Statement Form
Folder Verification of Experience (2 Files)
pdf file Experience Verification Letter
pdf file Teaching Experience Form
Folder W-4 Form (1 Files)
pdf file 2017 W-4 Form