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Teacher of the Year


Laura Reece AE Teacher of the Year

Laura Reece

Alpha Elementary

Wendy Saunders LE Teacher of the Year

Wendy Saunders

Lincoln Heights Elementary

Donna Kanipe WB Teacher of the Year

Donna Kanipe

Whitesburg Elementary

Kimberly Perky LM Teacher of the Year

Kimberly Perkey

Lincoln Heights Middle School

Rachel Boyatte Lynch FM Teacher of the Year

Rachel Boyatte Lynch

Fairview Marguerite Elementary

Amanda Hill MN Teacher of the Year

Amanda Hill

Manley Elementary

Amanda Kite WE Teacher of the Year

Amanda Kite

West Elementary

Kristi Spoone MV Teacher of the Year

Kristy Spoone

Meadowview Middle School

Donnette McNabb EH Teacher of the Year

Donnette McNabb

East High School

Cynthia McPherson HC Teacher of the Year

Cynthia McPherson

Hillcrest Elementary

Julie Lambert RV Teacher of the Year

Julie Lambert

Russellville Elementary/Primary

Robin Roark WT Teacher of the Year

Robin Roark

Witt Elementary

Summer Moore WV Teacher of the Year

Summer Moore

West View Middle School

Jessica Baliff-Noe WH Teacher of the Year

Jessica Baliff-Noe

West High School

Jennifer Bridges JH Teacher of the Year

Jennifer Bridges

John Hay Elementary

Cindy Turner UH Teacher of the Year

Cindy Turner

Union Heights Elementary

Tiffany Fickle ER Teacher of the Year

Tiffany Fickle

East Ridge Middle School

Jennifer Frey MB Teacher of the Year

Jennifer Frey

Miller Boyd School

Voluntary Pre-K Dates
Pre-K Tuition Based Application



Three locally funded Pre-K classrooms are located within the district at the following locations:

* Manley Elementary - 423-586-7400 (Joi Sargent)

* Russellville Elementary - 423-586-6560 (Tammy Trent)

* Union Heights Elementary - 423-586-1502 (Kellie Williams)


Acceptance in the program is strictly through random drawing, necessary due to the program receiving more applications than there are classroom openings.  You may print the application from this website or pick up an application at one of the three schools listed above.


Completed applications should be turned into one of the three tuition-based Pre-K schools by the end of the school day March 12, 2021.


Applicants will be notified by March 19, 2021 if they have been accepted in one of the Pre-K programs.  Please indicate your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice of Pre-K location on your application.




*Your child must be four years old by August 15, 2021.  Five-year-old children are not eligible for Hamblen County Pre-K programs. 

*Applications must be received by the end of the school day Friday March 12, 2021.

*Tuition Fee:  $125 per week.


All other Pre-K programs in the district are based on income eligibility according to the U.S, Department of Health and Human Services poverty guidelines.  Application for Voluntary Pre-K programs will become available as soon as 2021-2022 Income Eligibility guidelines are made available.




Kindergarten Registration and Parent Night

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Parents and community members please continue to send in questions or concerns you may have regarding the Coronavirus COVID-19 so that those topics can be addressed in our daily presentation updates on our website.

Please email questions to WebbK@hcboe.net and place "School/Virus Questions" in the subject line

 Please contact us at 423-586-7700 if you do not possess the ability to view the video, and we will ensure you get the information.  Thanks in advance for your support and understanding.


The following summary will provide an open and transparent review of the positive cases of COVID-19 which are reported in the district.  This summary will be updated daily around 3:30 p.m.  It is important to note the following:


1.  Only confirmed cases of COVID-19 will be reported.  We are inundated with rumors and speculations that individuals have tested positive.  We will only            report those we can confirm. 

2.  We will only report cases of staff members and students enrolled in Hamblen County Schools.  We will not report cases of family members of either staff         or students who have tested positive.   

3.  We are required by law to protect the identity of any person testing positive.  We will not release the name of any student or staff member who tests                  positive.

4.  We will list the school and the grade level for each conformed case.  This will provide parents with a general summary of the infection.  We will also send          home some type of electronic message notifying parents we have experienced some type of exposure within the school.  This school message will not              specifically mean your child was exposed.  We will communicate directly with you if we believe your child was exposed.  

5.  Someone from the school or the health department will contact you if your child may have been exposed and you need to remove your child from school.         There is no need to quarantine your child unless you are contacted specifically.

6.  This count will start on the first day of school which was September 8, 2020. 

Daily COVID Counts



Alpha Elementary - AE

Fairview-Marguerite - FM

Hillcrest - HC

John Hay - JH

Lincoln Elementary - LE

Manley Elementary - MN

Russellville Elementary - RV

Union Heights - UH

West Elementary - WE

Whitesburg - WB

Witt - WT



East Ridge Middle - ER

Lincoln Middle - LM

Meadowview Middle - MV

Westview Middle - WV


East High School - EH

West High School - WH

Miller Boyd Alternative - MB

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The mission of Hamblen County Department  of Education is to educate students so they can be challenged to

successfully compete in their chosen fields.

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ESP Program Information 

More information about the Extended School Program

Each child will be screened prior to entering the building by conducting a temperature check.  Students with a temperature will not be allowed to attend.

Click HERE for information regarding free childcare for Essential Workers

Please contact Stacy Gibson at 423-581-3017 or gibsons1@hcboe.net if you need any additional information regarding this program. 

ESP registration



District News


Kellie Smith was chosen as the Region I Coordinated School Health Supervisor of the Year. She is well deserving of this recognition as she has worked relentlessly to keep our schools safe. Mrs. Hannah Hopper was selected as Region I Teacher of the Year and Dr. Matt Drinnon as Region I Principal of the Year. Ms. Mandy Lloyd as Region I Supervisor of the Year and Dr. Jeffrey Perry as the Region I Superintendent of the Year! We are so proud of Hamblen County!

Mon Mar 08 10:31 AM

Abbreviated Elementary Basketball Season.

Practice is already underway for elementary basketball with each school playing schools within their category twice. There will not be a tournament. Each student will be allocated up to two tickets to purchase for admission. Cheerleaders will cheer at home games but will not travel to away games. Five quarters will be played so that more students have an opportunity to play.

Tue Feb 23 10:35 AM