2023-2024 School Calendar

                               July 28
 Teachers Return to Work
                               July 31
                              August 1 
 Student Registration-Students Return-11:15 A.M. Dismissal
                               August 2 
 Administrative Day**
                               August 3   
 First Full Day of School      
                         September 4
 Labor Day Holiday*
                        September 29 Teacher Professional Development Day**

 Forecast Planning
                          October 9-13
 Fall Break*
                             October 16 Teacher Professional Development Day**
  Comprehensive Educational Resources; Learning Together
                    November 20-24
 Thanksgiving Break*          
                          December 20
 Abbreviated day-11:15  A.M. Dismissal
        December 21-January 1
Winter Break*
                               January 2              
Semester Break ***
                                 January 3              Teacher Professional Day**

Benchmark Analysis            
                               January 4              
Return to School               
                             January 15            
Martin Luther King Day***
                                 March 5                
Presidential County Primary Election***
                                  March 8                Teacher Professional Development Day**

Data Analysis


             March 25 – March 29

Spring Break*
                                   May 15                
Last Full Day of School
                                    May 16                

Administrative Day


                                        May 17               Grade Cards -11:15 A.M. Dismissal


*  Holiday for students and staff

**  Holiday for students; in-service for staff

***  Holiday for students; in-service for K-12 staff, administrative day for 9-12 staff

Optional in-service (3.5 days)                               2 days assigned by school principal

                                                                                                                                                                         1.5 days earned by individual teacher

2023-2024 School Calendar

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