Classroom Technology Training

Document Camera - HoverCam Solo 8

HoverCam Overview - Hardware

HoverCam Flex 11 Software Overview

HoverCam - Adjusting Camera Image

HoverCam - Focusing the Camera Image

HoverCam - Zooming In and Out

HoverCam - View Options with PIP

HoverCam - Taking Snapshots

HoverCam - Recording Videos

HoverCam - MultiScan

HoverCam - Cropping

HoverCam - Side by Side and Multiview

HoverCam - Archive

HoverCam - Exporting Media and Slingshot

HoverCam - Annotation

HoverCam - Flex Whiteboard

HoverCam - VideoConferencing
Wireless Screen Sharing - Airtame  (Teachers and Students)

SmartPanel  6065

Smart Learning Suite Online

SMART IQ Software

How to Use SMART Screen Recorder

SMART Learning Suite and G Suite

Collaborative Workspace for Smart IQ

New SMART IQ Features 3.2