District Approved Software

The Hamblen County Department of Education utilizes computer software applications and web-based services, owned and operated by third parties, not the school district.  The third parties may include contracted content providers, websites, and apps that support educational programming.  A list of the programs and their privacy policy and terms of service can be found on the district website.


Children under the age of 13, in particular, are protected by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), a federal law, which ensures the privacy and safety of their personal information online.  In order for our students who use these programs/services, some personally identifiable information may be requested by the third-party service provider, such as the student name, HCDOE username, HCDOE password, and student HCDOE email address.


Federal Law permits school districts to provide consent to the collection of personal information on behalf of all its students.  This law also permits school districts to obtain signed parental consent for students and allows the school districts to agree to the collection of personal information by these third parties where consent is needed for certain software/sites to function. 


As a parent or guardian of a student of the Hamblen County Department of Education, please read the information concerning COPPA compliance using the links below.  We encourage you to talk with your child(ren) regularly about responsible device and Internet etiquette.  We ask that you also be familiar with the district’s acceptable use guidelines.  We also encourage parents and guardians to inquire what their child(ren) are doing with technology at home and school and set appropriate limits that work for your family.


In addition, some courses within the Hamblen County Department of Education require online third-party programs, websites, and/or apps for completion of the course and to qualify to participate in the course.


COPPA Resources

FTC: Privacy and Security - Children’s Privacy

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