Department of Federal Programs

The purpose of the Hamblen County Federal Programs Department is to access federal funds in order to provide programs of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001and most recently, the Every Student Succeeds Act for Hamblen County Schools. Both of these Acts reauthorized the original ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act) and brought several changes in education policy.

The federal government set minimum qualifications for teachers in all the nation’s public schools, whether or not they receive federal funding. The government established a mandatory national deadline for all public schools to bring all children to an achievement level deemed “proficient” by the state. The new law authorizes use of federal funds to provide the parents of students in troubled Title I schools the option of transferring to another school or receiving additional tutorial services. The law included requirements for language instruction programs for limited English proficient students along with increased “Parents right to know” provisions.

A major goal of the No Child Left Behind Act is for all students to perform at the proficient level or higher based on the state’s content and performance standards. The goal of the Hamblen County Federal Programs Department is to provide effective, efficient, and productive technical assistance, funding, and guidance for all Hamblen County schools in order to help all students reach this goal.

Dr. Hogan-Young also supervises Hamblen County's Pre-K programs, with the exception of the special needs pre-k classes.  Pre-K programs are state-funded or tuition-based and are part of the Department of Instruction. 

The following programs are included in the Federal Programs Department:

  • Title I, Part A, Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged
  • Title I, Part C, Migrant Education
  • Title II, Part A, Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting Fund
  • Title III, English as a Second Language/Immigrant Education
  • Title IV, Student Support
  • Title X, Homeless Education

For more information on the Every Student Succeeds Act go to: 

Every Student Succeeds

Federal Programs

423-586-7700 EXT. 32058

NCLB, ESSA and Hamblen County's School System

Our school system receives federal funding under NCLB.  During the school year, you will be provided with important information regarding this law and the education of your child.  NCLB required that all teachers hired to teach core academic subjects be highly qualified.  A highly qualified teacher is one with full teaching certification, a bachelor's degree, and competence in subject knowledge and teaching.  In Hamblen County Schools, 100% of our academic teachers are highly qualified as defined by NCLB.  Parents and guardians have the right to request information regarding their child's teachers' qualifications.  Upon your request, the school principal can provide you information on whether a teacher is teaching under emergency or other provisional statues, and the degree major of a teacher and any other graduate degree or certification the teacher has earned.

NCLB mandates that all newly hired teachers must be highly qualified.  In the event that a Hamblen County school must employ a non-highly qualified teacher for 4 or more consecutive weeks, the parents of students receiving instruction from this teacher will be promptly notified in writing by that school's administration.  Every effort will be made to ensure that your child is taught by highly qualified teachers who are competent in their subject knowledge and teaching.

Click the link below to search the Tennessee Dept. of Education's website for teachers' credentials:

Search My Child's Teacher

NCLB and Paraprofessionals in Hamblen County Schools

Paraprofessionals, or instructional assistants, are valuable assets to our educational community.  Under NCLB, paraprofessionals must have a certain academic background in order to provide instructional help to your child.  In order to be highly qualified, a paraprofessional has passed a competency test, earned an associate's degree or higher, or completed two or more years of higher education.  You have the right to request information about paraprofessionals who work with your child.  Please contact the school principal to receive that information.