Title II A

High Quality Teacher and Administrator Training

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 places a major emphasis upon teacher quality as a factor in improving student achievement. The new Title II programs focus on preparing, training, and recruiting high-quality teachers and principals. Title II funds assist Hamblen County Schools in developing and supporting a high-quality teaching force, thereby improving student academic achievement.
Title II funds in Hamblen County Schools are used in several ways including:
  • Employing a teacher at Lincoln Elementary to reduce class size.  Lincoln Elementary     typically has the highest percentage of students qualifying for free/reduced meals. 
  • Providing high-quality professional development for teachers, principals, and assistants
  • New teacher recruitment and mentoring
  • Employing 5 Instructional Coaches funded 50% by Title IIA
For further information on the Highly Qualified status of our paraprofessional employees, please contact the school administration.