Welcome to Special Services
Mission Statement
The Department of Special Services subscribes to the mission statement of the Hamblen County Board of Education and remains committed to the goals of the district. The departmental mission is to proactively identify and accommodate disabilities on a case by case basis while ensuring that each child has general curriculum access to the maximum extent possible.
Directory of Services
  • Special Education Parent Referrals   Mandy Lloyd, Supervisor
  • Special Education Assessments       Leigh Ann Mills, Assessment Specialist   

                                                                    Denise Johnson, Assessment Specialist

                                                                    Amy Mitchell, Assessment Specialist                                                            

  • Administrative Assistance                  Lisa Horner
  • Administrative Assistance                  Susan Shortt         
  • Child Find Referrals                           Leigh Ann Mills
  • Intellectually Gifted Education           Leigh Ann Mills
  • Homebound Instruction                      Denise Johnson
  • Medically Fragile Students                 Mandy Lloyd
  • Nursing Services                                Mandy Lloyd
  •                                                            Kellie Smith, School Health Coordinator
  • Behavioral Assessments                    Mandy Lloyd
  • Psychological Services                      Mandy Lloyd

                                                                     Kristyn Graham, School Psychologist

                                                                     Sorrel Baker, School Psychologist

                                                                     Audrey Williams, School Psychologist

                                                                     Jessica Wilson, School Psychologist

                                                                     Cindy Stelzman, School Psychologist

  • School-based Counseling                 Karen Collins, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  •                                                           Noelle Crum, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • 504 Plans                                          Amy Mitchell
  • Speech/Language Services             Mandy Lloyd

                                                                   Leigh Ann Mills

                                                                    Darolyn DesGroseilliers, Speech Therapist

                                                                    Christi Greene, Speech Therapist

                                                                    Jenny Withem, Speech Therapist

                                                                    Cala Gray, Speech Therapist

                                                                    Christy Vicini, Speech Therapist

                                                                     Ashtyn Mills, Speech Therapist

                                                                    Roberta Allen, Speech Therapist

                                                                    Sharon Brewer, Speech Therapist

                                                                    Amanda Carter, Speech Therapist

          2nd Language Liaison                      Fabiola Ortega, Translator

  • Occupational Therapy Services        Mandy Lloyd

                                                                    Leigh Ann Mills

  • Physical Therapy Services                Mandy Lloyd

                                                                    Leigh Ann Mills

                                                                    Lori Hill, Physical Therapy Assistant

  • Vision Impairments                            Jennifer Harrison, Vision Ed. Specialist
  • Hearing Impairments                         Robin Adcock, Interpreter
  •                                                           Paula Mowery, Interpreter
  • Hearing/Vision Screenings                Amy Helton/Coordinated School Health Team
  • Assistive Technology                         Denise Johnson
  • Special Transportation Requests      Mandy Lloyd
  •                                                           Rodney Long, Transportation Department
  • Surrogate Parents                             Mandy Lloyd
  • Special Olympics                               Leigh Ann Mills
  • Vocational Rehabilitation                    Libby Goodman, Voc. Rehab. Assistant
  • Vocational Assessments                    Amy Helton