Child Find

Special education and related services are offered by the Hamblen County Department of Education for all eligible children residing in Hamblen County, ages 3 years through 21 years.  In partnership with DCEA Head Start, Hamblen County Schools performs ongoing developmental screenings for children 3 - 5 years of age living in Hamblen County.  The goal is to identify children whose development may not be within the expected ranges and are therefore in need of further evaluation, assessment, and early intervention.  The areas evaluated can include the five developmental areas under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) as well as vision and hearing screenings.

  • Cognitive development- ability to learn
  • Physical development- ability to move, see, and hear
  • Communication - ability to understand language and express needs
  • Social/Emotional development- ability to relate to others
  • Adaptive development- ability to perform self-help skills independently

Please contact the Special Services Department at 423-581-3067 for more information or to refer a child who resides in Hamblen County and might be in need of special educational or related services.