Drop Out/Truancy Prevention

Although the Hamblen County School System encourages students to attend school until graduation there are still a number of students who refuse to attend school. The system provides the GED program as an alternative to dropping out. The State Department of Education has developed a policy that requires student drivers license revocation if the student drops out before he/she has reached his/her 18th birthday, graduated, or enrolled in a GED program.

Every student shall attend school regularly. The principal or his designee has the authority to excuse students due to illness, death in the family, compliance with the established ordinances for religious instruction or observance, and/or other good reasons. The principal, his designee, and/or superintendent may require a statement from a licensed practicing physician for excusing absences. Unauthorized absence from school is considered truancy and will be treated as such.The name of any student who has been considered as truant will be submitted to the attendance teacher. The attendance teacher then will pursue available means to persuade or compel the student's return to regular attendance or face action through the juvenile court system