CTE Programs
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Agriculture Programs

Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources

Agricultural Education Systems

Environmental and Natural Resources Systems

Plant Systems - Horticulture Production

Plant Systems - Landscaping and Turf Science

Power, Structures, and Systems

Architecture and Construction

Landscape Design

Business Technology Programs

Business, Management, and Administration

Administrative and Information Support

Business Financial Management and Accounting

Business Management

Communications Development

Human Resources


Banking and Finance

Financial Planning

Government and Public Administration Programs

Public/Nonprofit Management Administration

Information Technology

Electronic Publishing

Interactive Multimedia

Web Design

Family & Consumer Science Programs

Architecture and Construction

Interior Design

Education and Training

Teaching Training Services

Human Services

Counseling and Mental Health Services

Family and Community Services

Nutritional Counseling

Health Science Programs

Health Science

Biotechnology Research and Development

Research and Development

Therapeutic Emergency Services

Therapeutic Services



Marketing Programs

Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality Management and Lodging Services

Recreation, Attractions, Sports, and Entertainment 

Trade & Industry Programs

Architecture and Construction

Construction Carpentry

Design and Preconstruction

Landscape Design

Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications

Journalism and Broadcasting

Government and Public Administration

National Security

Human Services

Personal Care Services

Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security

Law Enforcement Services



Production Design

Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics

Automotive Technology

CTE Middle School
While it may seem premature to ask middle school students to begin thinking about careers, research has shown that one of the key indicators of future academic and career success is exposure to career awareness activities in grades 6-8. At these grade levels, the goal is not for students to select a career, but to introduce them to the range of programs that exist and prepare them to make decisions about high school coursework and, ultimately, their future.