District Online Learning Options for Students and Parents

The district has prepared several online curricular options for our students to remain actively engaged in learning from home while we close schools beginning on Tuesday to prevent the potential spread of Coronavirus, or COVID-19.  Additional information about these offerings will be posted on the main page of the school district website this week (www.hcboe.net).


High School Instructional Programming (Required for Students)

Each high school will communicate directly with parents and students with more guidance about implementation of an online curriculum for students to ensure they earn academic credits for graduation requirements.  This information will also be posted to the school district website for access once available.  Work completed will be graded in order to meet course requirements and earn academic credits.  Priority will be given to seniors so they may continue to engage in coursework to meet graduation requirements.  If students left their school-issued laptops at school, please contact the main office at your child’s high school and make arrangements to pick it up.  Limited school staff will be available at the school for the remainder of this week. 


K-8 School-Subscribed Supplemental Programming (Recommended for Students)

Each school can opt to offer online program subscriptions students have been using throughout the school year.  These programs will vary from school to school but can serve as a supplemental curriculum offering for students to remain engaged in learning while school is out.  Additional information, as well as student login information, will be sent home to students from their teachers who have this option available.  Please note, K-8 students will not receive official grades for these activities.


Additional K-8 Online Curricular Support (Recommended for Students)

In the event a school or classroom does not subscribe to online programs, the district is offering families another option for students to remain active in their learning during the school closure. Many educational companies that offer online, supplemental curriculum support are waiving fees to allow students and families free access to continue learning at home.  The district will identify several quality online curriculum options and provide parents and guardians with specific guidance on how best to utilize these programs with students at home.  Information will be posted for families to access on the school district website.  In addition, printable PDF versions of free, supplemental curriculum for ELA and math will be posted on the school district website if families want to print paper copies for use in the home.  Please note, some of the K-8 websites recommended for use at home will provide students with a score when completing tasks on its platform.  These scores will NOT be used as official grades for students.


District K-8 Reading Incentive Program (Recommended for Students)

The district will offer a reading incentive program for students, encouraging them to read daily from home.  The program and instructions will be posted on the main page of the district website.  In preparation for the reading program, students will be allowed to check out additional books from the school library on Monday to take home while schools are closed. 

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