Directory of Services
School Technology Support
 Technology Specialist
Central Office Tech Support Travis Gregg
District Software / Databases
 Daniel Newman
Technology Hardware Repairs (Parts) School Technology Specialist (first level support) Travis Gregg (escalated items)
Teacher Gradebook School Technology Specialist (first level support) Daniel Newman(escalated items)
Scoreboards Bill White
User Accounts
 Cole Draughn
Equipment Inventory Betina Forte
Library Automation System School Technology Specialist(first level support),Daniel Newman
Horizon OneSource Support (Hardware and Network Only - Software Support provided by Vendor)
 School Technology Specialist (first level support), Shawn Kerr (escalated items)
Maintenance Tech Support Scott Hayes
Media/Materials Harold Jones
MHHS East Tech Support Jessica Holder
MHHS West Tech Support Dustin Knight
Network Infrastructure (Access Points, Network Switches, Servers)
 Travis Gregg, Shawn Kerr

Security and Alarm Systems (Intrusion Detection)
 Bill White
Student Information System School Technology Specialist (first level) Cole Draughn, Harold Jones, Travis Gregg, Daniel Newman
Teacher Center Betina Forte
Telephone Systems Bill White
Transportation Tech Support Scott Hayes
Video Surveillance School Technology Specialist
Wireless Network
 School Technology Specialist (First Level)Travis Gregg, Shawn Kerr (Second Level)