ESP will begin on the first day of school.  All children must be pre-registered to attend. Returning children must  register for 2023-24 school year due to a software provider change. Parents will also need to pre-register for non-school days through the Schoolcare Works program.  

All previous balances must be paid in full before childcare services can be provided for the new school year.

Non-School Day:

Parents/Guardians that elect to use childcare services on Non-School days will need to pre-register children prior to attending. Please allow time for application processing when signing children up for this service. The 2023-24 Non-school day location will be Hillcrest. 

ESP accepts Child Care Certificates through Families First. Please contact the DHS office at 423-585-1444.

Parents will be notified of school closures by School Messenger (a notification system that will call, email or text parents. Please make sure that your contact information is updated in the ParentPortal system by going to and logging in.  Click on the SchoolMessenger link above for instructions.)