School Counselors

Hamblen County Department of Education employees 26 school counselors who serve the 18 schools in the district.  Ten counselors serve 11 elementary schools. Counselors deliver direct instruction in the Tennessee School Counseling Program Standards and are an integral part of ESSA's "Well-Rounded Educational Opportunities" and the "Safe and Healthy Students" goals.  School counselors help students and families address educational development, career development, and personal/social development.  Conflict resolution and decision-making are focuses all developing students. Counselors work with outside agencies and other school personnel to offer a positive network for students.  

Each of the four middle schools has on staff a full-time school counselor.  The middle schools focus on student standards for grades six through eight of the Tennessee School Counseling Program, while taking into consideration the unique needs of the adolescent.  Study skills, time management, teamwork, and healthy decision-making become the focus.  Counselors work with parents and students on the six-year plan which encompasses four years of high school and post secondary success.  Counselors work closely with parents, teachers, and other agencies to address the social-emotional development of students while guiding the planning process for high school, college or technical school, and careers.

Each of the two high schools has four full-time counselors and a guidance secretary.  The main focus is on high school graduation, college and career success, and decision-making.  Conflict resolution, leadership & study skills, and time management techniques are often promoted by the counseling department.  The guidance offices at the high schools register and schedule students for high school, handle transcript requests, and guide in the scholarship application for college.  State testing, including End of Course tests, the ACT and SAT are organized through the main office and often assisted by the high school counseling departments.  Career planning takes center stage as high school students prepare for the next step in life. 

Counselors are part of a school team designed to ensure the success of all students.  Please do not hesitate to call the school and set up an appointment to speak with a school counselor to discuss grades, attendance, and behavior issues, as well as preparation for college and career success.


School Counselor Locations

Alpha Elementary School
Fairview-Marguerite Elementary School
Hillcrest Elementary School
John Hay Elementary School
Lincoln Heights Elementary School
Manley Elementary School
Russellville Elementary School
Union Heights Elementary School
West Elementary School
Whitesburg Elementary School
Witt Elementary School
East Ridge Middle School
Lincoln Heights Middle School
Meadowview Middle School
West View Middle School
Morristown-Hamblen High School East
Morristown-Hamblen High School West
Miller Boyd Alternative School
Countywide Conflict Resolution & Crisis Counselor
Rebecca Lee
Rachel Boyatt-Lynch
Erika Armstrong
Sandra Kelly
Brianna Costner
Susan Orr
Ashley Brooks
Leslie Mountain
Pamela Yount
Leslie Mountain
Jennifer Goodman
Meghan Jarnigan
Amy Eversole
Cindi Husk
Gail Rines
Brian Bowlin, Lucy Lakins, Bailee Northern, Brooke Samples, Mary Seals
Tenesha Bullington, Renae Byrd, Kelly Ezell, Erica Gillett, Melanie Justis
Amy Helfenberger
John Clawson