Video #13 Transcript 04/07/2020

Good evening.  Today is April 7, 2020.  Please review the following information and contact Kellie Smith if you have any questions or concerns for the Coronavirus Task Force.



Americans have always possessed a spirit to expand and move beyond their current horizons.  Early in our nation’s history, this need to expand was called Manifest Destiny.  Many Americans believe it was our divine right to occupy and control all land between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  We have never done well when we are forced to remain stationary and confined to a specific area.  This is against our very character as Americans.  We have a need to travel and many of us believe this is one of our most essential rights. 


However, we are now at a time in our history in which we must restrict our movement unless we are traveling for essential business.  We completely understand many of us struggle with the desire to travel and we want to escape our homes and neighborhoods for just a few hours.  We also understand our homes may have become more crowded than before because children are home from school and spouses may no longer be working.  All of these factors come together to create tension and frustration at home.  The need to travel is strong but unnecessary movement will place you and others at risk.  The more we stay at home, the quicker this virus will pass and we can get back to normal.  The more we move throughout the community, the virus will linger and continue to infect more people. 


If you are forced to travel during this time, you may want to consider the following:


1.         Attempt to perform all necessary tasks in one trip.  Carefully plan your day so you can take care of all errands with one trip. 


2.         Know what you want and make a list of things you need.  Don’t wander through the store and increase your chances of exposure or exposing someone else. 


3.         Be conscientious of everyone around you and maintain at least 6 feet from the next person.  Please remember to do this at the checkout counter also.


4.         Be conscientious of everything you touch including products on the shelves, door handles, and other surfaces.  Many of the stores are making an extra effort to disinfect but they can’t keep everything clean all of the time. 


5.         Limit the number of people with you on the trip.  Parents are encouraged to leave children at home if appropriate supervision is available.  It is advisable that both parents should not travel to the same location unless it is a necessity.  This simply increases the chances of exposure to yourself and others. 


6.         Closely monitor and supervise your children if you are forced to take them out of the home.  Small children have a tendency to touch every surface they see.  Often, they will make contact with those surfaces with their hands and face.  Small children will constantly place their fingers near, or in, their mouths or they will actually place their mouth on a surface.  Children can easily become infected because they like to touch things.  It is advisable to leave them at home if possible but maintain close supervision if they must go with you.


7.         Wear gloves and masks when shopping.  You will touch a wide variety of items that others have been in contact with while you are shopping.   You will also come in contact with keypads, gas pumps, credit cards, money, door handles, and a variety of other surfaces.  Be extremely conscientious and don’t touch your face or mouth until you have disinfected or washed your hands with soap and water.   


8.         Limit your time while out of the home.    We completely understand that many may be bored at home and have a desire to simply get out of the house.  Many will want to browse and spend time in a store to end the boredom.  This will dramatically increase your chances of infection and the chances of you infecting someone else.  Secure the items that you need and get back home as soon as possible.


9.         Don’t use public restrooms or water fountains unless it is an absolute necessity.  Remember to wash your hands with soap and water if you use a public restrooms.  Keep the paper towel you wipe your hands on to open the door. Attempt to find a trashcan which has an open top and not the kind you are forced to push open a door or lid.  This is an area that is touch by many and it could easily help spread the virus.  


10.       Wash all food items thoroughly that are not prepackaged.  Individual and unwrapped food items such as vegetables and fruits should be washed thoroughly before eating. 


11.       Disinfect your hands before using them to eat food you have purchased in the public.  You may order a pizza or some other food item and open the box to eat.   Keep in mind the box has been touched by many individuals and your hands have been all over it.  You then eat that food item with your hands which come in contact with your mouth.


12.       Be more conscientious of food items that could easily be touched by a food service employee.  Ensure the preparers are practicing good health habits if possible. 


13.       Utilize on-line options if possible to conduct essential business.  Many businesses are now offering curbside pickups.  You can call your order in and have pick it up without going into the store.  This will dramatically reduce your exposure potential.


We will not be forced to do this forever but for the time being – we must stay at home as much as possible.  We will endanger ourselves and others when we move throughout the community.  I once was scuba diving in an underwater cave in Florida.  The first part of the cave was very well marked with colored lines and signs.  Toward the back of the main entryway, the underwater cave split into multiple channels which also divided into different tunnels.  It would be extremely easy to become lost in those tunnels and run out of oxygen.  I distinctly remember a sign being posted at the end of the main channel which gave everyone pause.  The sign read, “There is nothing beyond this point worth dying for.  Turn around and remain on the roped course.”  Every diver had the desire, and almost the need, to continue forward and explore the limits of the cave.  Much like today, we have a desire to, and perhaps even a need, to travel outside of our homes but there is nothing out there worth endangering our self and those around us.  Please stay at home unless you have essential business.  This will shorten the time we must spend confined to our homes and it will help to keep us safe.