W-APT Placement Assessment

W-APT stands for the WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test. It is an English language proficiency screener test given to incoming students who may be designated as English language learners. It assists educators with decisions regarding identification and placement of ELLs. The W-APT is one component of WIDA's comprehensive assessment system.



W-APT test items are written from the model performance indicators of WIDA's five English Language Proficiency (ELP) standards:

•    Social & Instructional Language

•    Language of Language Arts

•    Language of Mathematics

•    Language of Science

•    Language of Social Studies


Test forms are divided into five grade-level clusters: 

•    Kindergarten

•    Grades 1-2 

•    Grades 3-5

•    Grades 6-8

•    Grades 9-12 

Each form of the test assesses the four language domains of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

The W-APT is designed to be individually administered and adaptive, meaning that parts of the test may be discontinued as soon as the student reaches his or her performance "ceiling."


Test Example

Explanation of Test Score